SPINDIA offers top-quality activewear leggings and sport bras at an affordable price. You will always find that perfect piece of workout clothing without being tied to a monthly subscription or paying an exorbitant amount. A unique feature of SPINDIA is that you as a customer automatically become part of the community, which allows you to have a voice during the design concept.



Best Leggings and other active-wear at an affordable price!

My name is Cyndia Sanchez and I have been a cycling instructor in Windsor, CT for the past [10] years and my goals as an instructor is to push my riders to meet their own personal goals, motivate them to continue coming back class after class and create a safe equality environment for all my riders. Over the years my riders and I have become a community.

The reason I launched SPINDIA was due to the innumerable conversations after my classes concerning legging malfunctions. I felt my women riders should be having fun, getting fit, and achieving their goals but rather were worrying about their workout gear. This started my research on what do women want from a pair of activewear leggings. What I found was that most women wanted a pair of leggings that consist of high-rise, breathability, comfort, sweat-wicking, pockets, and flattering. As a consumer of various brands of active wear leggings it was difficult to find a pair that met all the criteria without spending a fortune.



I have spent time negotiating directly with manufacturers to create the perfect activewear leggings at an affordable price. I will also provide sports bras and any other piece of clothing our community needs. You as part of the SPINDIA community will have a voice on what will be offered. My promise is that SPINDIA will be the one place where every piece of clothing I sell will be the quality you deserve at the price you can afford.

Welcome to the SPINDIA community!