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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I love working out! However, working out many times comes with some uncomfortable embarrassing situations from body odor, excessive sweat, malfunctioning workout gear, etc. This blog is designed for woman to share their experiences and how they dealt with their situation. This is a safe arena to show you that you are not alone!

I’ll start!

When I turned 40 the same deodorant that I used for ages stopped working. I could smell myself!!! EEEWWWWW!!!! So I started experimenting with different products until I finally found LUME Deodorant.

So this is a safe pace! Ask away! Your name wont be reveal :)

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FYI- i had that issue, plus peed when i laughed, sneezed, etc. Good news- it can be fixed! Speak to your gyno! I had a sling put it and it has made my life much better (and dryer)! 😂


I piddle when I do jumping jacks of any variation. Middle age sucks! :)

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