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What Can I Give My Cat If She Has Worms

If you suspect your cat has worms, the next step is to try to identify the type of worm. This helps you to know what sort of medication is going to be effective in getting rid of the infestation. 2 Look for migrating tapeworm egg packs. Look under your cat's tail. Contact your vet if your cat has diarrhoea or seems unwell.

Which wormer? There are many different worming products available for cats (including tablets, liquids, pastes and spot-on treatments). The best one for your cat will depend on their. As you can imagine this can cause some serious complications. Giardia. This parasite is not a worm but a protozoal organism and goes by the nickname “beaver fever” as it can be spread by beavers. Cats can get it by drinking from.

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